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В декабре 1934 года уроженец Двинска Борис Гордон стал легальным резидентом ИНО ОГПУ в Берлине

Jevgenij Karlovich Milleé ( September 25, 1867-May 11, 1937 ) was Russian general and one of the leaders of counterrevolutionary White movement during and after Russian Civil War.

Abramovič Rafail A. Pseudonym of Rafail Abramovic Rein; born in Dvinsk, Russia 1880, died in New York 1963; had to leave Russia in 1902 because of his activities for the 'Bund'; returned in 1904; one of the leaders of the Menshevik faction of the Rossijskaja Social-Demokratičeskaja Rabočaja Partija (RSDRP); arrested in 1911 and exiled, later escaped abroad; returned to Russia in 1917; arrested in 1918 and narrowly escaped the death sentence through the intervention of Friedrich Adler and others; left Russia for Berlin in 1920; member of the Menshevik Delegation Abroad; edited Socialističeskij Vestnik with Julij Martov; delegate of the Menshevik party to the Labour and Socialist International (LSI/SAI) until 1940; emigrated to the USA; one of the organizers of the Union for the Liberation of the Peoples of Russia in 1949.

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