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Movsas Feigins or Movsa Feigin (28 February 1908 - 11 August 1950) was a Latvian chess master.

[edit] Biography

Movsas Feigins was born at Daugavpils, Latvia. He was Latvian Champion in 1932 (after a play-off). In 1932, he tied for 3rd-5th at Riga. The event was won by Vladimirs Petrovs. In 1936/37, he tied for 4th-5th at Hastings. The event was won by Alexander Alekhine. In 1937, he tied for 15th-16th at Kemeri. In 1937, he took 2nd at Brussels. In March 1939, he took 6th at Kemeri–Riga. The event was won by Salo Flohr.

Movsas Feigins played for Latvia in five official Chess Olympiads. He also played at unofficial Olympiad at Munich 1936.

  • In July 1930, he played at third board at 3rd Olympiad in Hamburg (+6 –5 =6).
  • In July 1931, he played at fourth board at 4th Olympiad in Prague (+8 –5 =2).
  • In July 1933, he played at third board at 5th Olympiad in Folkestone (+6 –2 =6).
  • In August 1935, he played at third board at 6th Olympiad in Warsaw (+7 –5 =5).
  • In August/September 1936, he played at third board at unofficial Olympiad in Munich (+12 –2 =5).
  • In August/September 1939, he played at third board at 8th Olympiad in Buenos Aires (+10 –4 =5).

He won two individual medals: bronze in 1933 and silver in 1936.

In September 1939, when WW II was broke out, Feigins, along with many other participants of the 8th Chess Olympiad (Najdorf, Stahlberg, Frydman, Eliskases, Michel, Engels, Becker, Reinhardt, Pelikan, Skalička, Luckis, Raud, Czerniak, Rauch, Winz, Gromer, Sulik, Seitz, de Ronde, Kleinstein, Sonja Graf, etc.) had decided to stay permanently in Argentina.

In 1941, Feigins tied for 6th-8th at Mar del Plata. The event was won by Gideon Stahlberg. In 1946, he took 3rd at Buenos Aires. He eventually died in Buenos Aires.

[edit] Notable games

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