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Self-portrait in a Straw Hat. 1890s, oil on canvas, 26x18

A short biography of Latvian-born abstract expressionist artist and anarchist, Mark Rothko.

Solomon (Shloyme) Mikhoels (real surname - Vovsi), Yiddish: שלמה מיכאָעלס; Russian: Соломон Михайлович Михоэлс (Вовси) (16 March [O.S. 4 March] 1890 - January 12/13, 1948) was a Soviet Jewish actor and director in Yiddish theater and the chairman of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee.

10 April 2020
16 Nisan 5780

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01 January 1970
16 Nisan 5780
Pesach II

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