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A poet who writes for men and women on subjects close to them and full of meaning for them, in a language they can understand, and who does this naturally, with virtuosity but without condescension, is not readily found. Yet at any time since 1925 readers of English have had such a poet among them, a poet with an intensity of simple purpose so obvious and clear that it could fail of being welcomed only by not being wanted. Through a great poem in 1925 he came to the attention of a wide newspaper and magazine public, to be scorned into obscurity, except for some few remembered but remote and solitary welcomes. There was indeed what he calls "the lantern of approval on the desolate, forbidding shore." Beyond this, the record of the overnight fame of a before unknown young man from Baltimore, Eli Siegel, born at Dvinsk in Russia August 16, 1902, has been kept unexplored in minds and libraries.

New York City's elevated train system emerged in the 1870s as an efficient means of transporting commuters, avoiding Manhattan's congested streets. On Sixth Avenue, the accelerated travel offered by such steam-drawn elevated trains (converted to electrical operation by 1903) encouraged the spread of retail trade, entertainment, and comfortable residences north along the thoroughfare from 14th Street to Central Park. Ironically, the rising prosperity of Sixth Avenue triggered by this improvement in rapid transit was sabotaged early in the twentieth century by the advent of even more efficient subways, which contained the noise and dirt of train travel underground. By 1910, fashionable stores and smart clubs were deserting Sixth Avenue for airier parallel boulevards not inconvenienced by the grime and rattle of an overhead El.

Соломон Гершов родился 23 сентября 1906 года в г. Двинске Витебской губернии в семье переплётчика книг Мовше Берковича (1881-1962) и Эстер Элиевны.

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