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Синагога расположена в историческом здании являющимся памятником архитектуры. Само здание синагоги нуждается в косметическом ремонте,а так же в современной установке отопления

The synagogue is located in a historical building, which is an architecture momument.  The building itself need renovation and modern heating system.


25 May 2019
20 Iyar 5779

Shabbat time

It's left 13:03.

    Light candles
  • 24 May 20:19
    Shabbat ends
  • 25 May 21:39

Nearest date
01 January 1970
28 Iyar 5779
Yom Yerushalayim

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In the memory of our beloved husband,father and grandfather
Lev (Haim Aryeh-Leib) Beshkin
Born 17 of March (23th of Adar), 1955
Died 15 of June (19th of Sivan), 2006